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Oppose Marijuana Legalization (facts are hyperlinked)

Dear Texas Representative,

We urgently ask you to oppose HB 3652, the legalization of cannabis. HB 3652 will allow the predatory addiction-for-profit marijuana industry to promote more marijuana use and target youth with flavored vapes and candies. Vapes and candies are designed to disguise the foul taste of marijuana and conceal its use from parents, educators, and employers.

There are many reasons to oppose this HARM EXPANSION bill. Here are just a few:

 High concentrations of THC (products that contain 10 mg or higher) are not proven safe for adults to use. A 10% tax rate will not cover the social, mental, and physical costs. 

Vote NO to HB 3652.

Thank you, 

Other important information about this bill. 

2.5 oz of cannabis flower or 15 g of cannabis concentrates is a very large amount of marijuana that can easily get into the hands of youth and fuel the black market.
– 2.5 oz of dry marijuana equals about 150 joints
A joint from the 1990s had about 5% THC which equals 50 mg of THC in each joint.
Today’s joint is at least 4 times stronger (20% THC), so each joint in today’s market has about 200 mg of THC.

150 joints x 200 mg THC = up 30,000 mg of THC!

15 grams of THC concentrate is 15,000 mg of concentrate.
  Assuming 60% potency, that is 9,000 mg of THC (15,000 X 60%). 
  If the concentrate is 90% THC, that is 13,500 mg of THC (15,000 X 90%).
 This is equivalent to ~45 – 200 mg joints (9000 mg/200) if 60% THC and ~68 – 200 mg joints (13,500 mg/200) if 90% THC.  This is an outrageous amount of THC! 

Ban Synthetic THC Variants Derived from HEMP

Expanding access to marijuana and more drugs does not benefit Texas families. The Drug Policies Alliance’s primary goal is to legalize and commercialize all drugs, so your commitment to this issue is crucial to protect Texan’s health and safety.

We ask you to please continue holding the line in Texas and ban hemp THC products.

Below is a list of resources to prepare you.

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Click this image to learn more and send a letter to your congress members. 

Do Not Increase the amount of THC from 1.0% THC per 1 gram dry weight to 5.0% in the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP)

  1. This means just 30 ml of oil could contain up to 1,390 mg of THC. The FDA recommends only up to 20 mg of THC due to psychiatric side effects.

2. Even with the low-strength THC common in the last century, 15% of users reported psychotic episodes:

Administration of a moderate dose of pure THC would elicit transient psychotic symptoms in study subjects:

For clinical studies showing that THC can cause psychotic symptoms in people with no family history, see:

Marijuana is more likely to lead to chronic psychosis than any other drug studied. About half of those who experience a marijuana-induced psychotic break will eventually develop a schizophrenia spectrum disorder:

Do Not Expand conditions to treat chronic pain in the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP)

Marijuana (CBD and THC) has not been a proven opioid substitute.

Marijuana-legal states have higher opioid death rates than non-marijuana-legal

Marijuana-legal states fentanyl death rates than non-marijuana-legal

Marijuana has not been an approved analgesic/pain reliever.

MMJ patients have higher cannabis use disorder and no improvement on pain

MJ use increases the risk of developing opioid use disorder and opioid misuse

National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that people who use marijuana are more than twice as likely to be dependent on or addicted to prescription opioids and six times more likely to take pain pills.

There are ZERO International pain organizations which support the use of cannabis for pain (IASP is the largest one)

marijuana before entering the hospital for a surgical procedure made pain during recovery significantly worse. People who used weed beforehand also needed more anesthesia during surgery, and undergoing anesthesia