Members of the Secret Service stand outside the White House.
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Texas man charged with breaching White House grounds with knife in pocket

A Texas man is facing federal charges for allegedly breaching the White House grounds on Sunday — by zipping through an exit gate on a moped while carrying a knife and bag of weed in his pocket.

The Secret Service says Eric Paul Mangold was spotted on a moped around 6:30 p.m. speeding through the exit gate at Alexander Hamilton and 15th Street NW just as someone was leaving, according to court papers unsealed Monday.

Mangold then allegedly zoomed south along East Executive Avenue, which runs adjacent to the White House, before stopping at another vehicle gate at East Executive and E Street NW.

That’s where Secret Service officers surrounded Mangold with their guns drawn and detained him.

Mangold allegedly told the officers that he had a knife on him, which turned up in his jacket pocket during a search, along with a white plastic bag.

“When asked what the bag was the defendant stated, ‘It was weed,’” the court papers say.

Mangold, who also had a Texas driver’s license on him, admitted he did not have an appointment at the White House, the filing says.

He is charged with entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds and unlawful entry.

Attorney information for Mangold was not immediately available.

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